Shower thoughts

A Lengthy Invite To My Show

Waiting on a construction crew to get here so our chimney could be re-lined. Thought i would take a moment and tell you that I'll be out at Argilla's tonight.  I've got new songs to play and a desire to experiment with some sounds. I've been using the pedal board for the past few shows and have really liked some of the sounds I'm getting. There's always room to improve so I'm also incorporating more harmonica into the sets. People seem to dig more harmonica, maybe to give them a break from my voice, so I'm working on getting more in there. My harmonica licks run out pretty quick, but when you listen to Bob Dylan or Neil Young you'll realize there's do too.   

Started writing a new tune yesterday and I'm curious to see where it goes.  It talks about how we're just tourists in every aspect of our lives and how connections with others is the only thing that can be semi-permanent. It's permanent in our conscious mind but we know nothing is permanent that's external to us.  I've been trying to write a lot this year and some is pretty good and a lot leaves me scratching my head wondering why i thought writing that was a good idea.  I have taken to the concept though of taking good concepts out of bad songs and using them again.  Sometimes there's a great melody but the words aren't there or vice versa.  Goes with the old saying of don't throw the baby out with the bath water which is something I would do. With songs, not the baby. 

Trying to apply this to aspects in other parts of my life of getting rid of the things that I don't need and don't have time for so i can do others that make me happy.  Only have the hobbies I want, only focus on what is important to me, and only play the shows and songs that make sense for me. 

This was a long sidetracked way of inviting you out to the show tonight at Argilla's. I hope you'll make it out.