Got It Covered


In this weeks continuation of my Song In a Week vein I bring you a grooving rock tune.  The theme for the week was "analogue" so I did some creative routing through guitar amps and effects to give the song a different vibe.

Almost thought a song wasn't going to happen but finally got an idea rolling Monday afternoon. So many failed song attempts along the way to this one. The analog part was definitely the most fun. Mic'd up the amp then used pedals for the effects. Learned that my overdrive pedal can add a smoother and fuller saturation than what I had expected. Also, learned A LOT about latency this week running so much stuff external. I'm sure there are all kinds of alignment issues but there are also a couple tracks with delay so it probably works out.

I had the title picked out for the song Friday but kept running into bad lyrics. Also, had to get a very repetitive melody out of my head.

Happy with the way this one turned out. When asking for feedback from my careful critiquing wife I got back "Well your voice doesn't annoy me on this song". So... win?

Got it Covered

Don’t pull the blanket over your eyes
Time to get dressed time to leave
Glad I could give a helping hand
Somedays that’s all you need

Struggle too much these days
But I can’t let you notice
Keep my feet on the ground
It might be lie but lets be honest

I got it covered

You buy the drinks I’ll sing the songs
Both playing our parts
Actors on a stage make it look too easy
To escape when life gets too hard

Making life up as I go
No one can see how fake I am
Imposter man in the mask
The hustler with a scam

I got it covered

Hold me down
I don’t know when I’m beat
Struggle to get up
flail my arms wildly
Beauty in the struggle
Beauty in the journey
Don’t know the end
But I’ll be strong before I’m weak