Tell Me

This is another song written for the r/songaweek challenge. The theme for the week was key change which I threw in on the bridge section. At one point the bridge was twice as long but I didn’t like the lyrics much so I cut them out and changed it to more of an interlude.

Tell me how we met again I can’t remember
Fuzzy pictures empty glasses Pour into a blender
You had that funny line
Everyone laughed so hard
Tell me one more time
Who we are
Used to be apolitical Now it’s hard to resist
Spend our days throwing words to knock people off the fence
Ok spilling blood Until we see a face
Need a change of tone Need a change of pace
Live in such strange times
We’re all torn apart
Someone should remind
Who we are

Tell me how we met again I can’t remember
Old friends and good times Poured into a blender
Peace and love is a pipe dream
If we go too far
Stop to look back at
Who we are