Post-Apocalyptic Wordpress Crash

Welcome to the new and improved One fine spring day as I was getting ready to fire off some e-mails to prospective venues asking them to check out my page and perhaps schedule me to play some songs for their fine patrons, I decided to update my site. Just in the most mundane way possible in hitting update to some plug-ins that were on the site. This was a mistake.

I then had a blank site. Just white screen.  Godaddy folks saw the same. I spent a lot of time on building and designing that site. I eventually got my page back... kinda. You couldn't go to any other pages than the home page so it made it essentially useless. So after shopping around I wound up here at square space where everything just seemed to work perfect. I hope you like it and stay tuned for all the fun updates I can do now : ) Without the website coming to an end.